May Your Holidays Be Merry and Safe!!!

December 10th, 2019

May Your Holidays Be Merry and Safe!!!

The holidays are a festive time for us and our pets. We pose for the family Christmas card and throw a ribbon and hat on the dog and cat. With all the rushing around, we can easily overlook potential dangers to our four-legged family members.  It's nice to have scented candles and keep the menorah lit as long everything is up and away from wagging tails and poking noses. Tinsel and garland are nice shiny objects that attract attention and look like cat toys. Christmas trees can be beautifully decorated without them. Consider keeping the family heirloom decorations high up and the unbreakable plastic on the lower branches to avoid tears.  

The top 5 reasons pets visit a Veterinarian on Christmas Day:
1. Gastritis / Enteritis
2. Foreign body ingestion
3. Soft tissue trauma
4. Lacerations or bite wounds
5. Chocolate poisoning

Here are links to several websites with tips to keep you out of the vets office and you furry family members safe at home during the holidays.


Taking precautions with pets during these festive times can help ensure that you and your family will enjoy a happy — and healthy — holiday season!


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