We're Giving Her a Chance...Won't You Help Us?

September 18th, 2017

We're Giving Her a Chance...Won't You Help Us?

It's not often that we ask for donations...so please read. This is Sapphire (her baby picture is the cover photo on our Facebook page with her brother Topaz). Sapphire and her brother were rescued from a TNR site in August. Sapphire is now approximately 7 weeks. She is a sweet, friendly, playful kitten however, she recently began having issues passing stool. After a vet exam last week, Sapphire was scheduled today for some diagnostic testing which determined she has a congenital, anal stricture (when the passage in the anal canal becomes too narrow, not allowing formed stool to pass easily). We were given several options (euthanasia, lifetime medication, or referral to a surgeon). After much discussion, we all feel Sapphire would benefit from a surgical consult to see if surgery can correct the issue, allowing her to have a normal life. 

Rescue is not easy. Funds can be a huge obstacle especially during kittens season when we have been faced with many other financial burdens for other animals. If you are interested in helping us help Sapphire, please CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION and please note the donation is for "Sapphire"

Did you know that $10 can feed 20 cats for a full week?

Without you, they have no chance - donate today and help our little friends!